Hello World- Its Me Za’Mo!!!

Hello, It’s Me Zakiyah Monique Roberts a.k.a Za’ Mo!!!! Introducing myself to the World! I come to you as a Creator, Innovator, and Regulator following in the footsteps of my father Yahweh ( GOD ).  There are many things that God has created me to create for the world to see, hear, feel and experience.  My desire is to use this blog as a tool to do so. In 2012 I’m on a mission to start this process STRONG and finish STRONG. I’ve been given talents and I will not bury them any longer. I will create and share with the world and help, motivate, and inspire others to do the same!!!  This blog will allow you to see, hear, feel, and experience visual arts as well as arts of  varies types. HELLO WORLD- It’s Me Za’ Mo!!!!!


One thought on “Hello World- Its Me Za’Mo!!!

  1. Hello Ms. Za’Mo!!!! I am so excited about this blog, I will be tuning in very often to see where you are headed because from the feeling from this page you are headed somewhere and I will be following you. MAY GOD CONTINUE TO GRANT YOU PEACE AND STRENGTH, GOD BLESS YOU MY SISTER!!!!!


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