Commercial Photography Student at Gwinnett Technical College: My 1st Semester

Wow!!! I made it through my first semester at Gwinnett Technical College (GCT)  majoring in Commercial Photography/ Digital Imaging Specialist. I really enjoy photography, however, its not easy being in the program while working, leading a children and women ministry along side being a singel mother. The Commercial Photograghy Program at GCT is an excellent program; however, it require dedication, committment, time and money. Taking things step by step and day by day I was able to complete my first semester with two A’s and two B’s. My courses were Visual Imaging I, Camera Techniques I, Digital Imaging I, and Photographic Workshop ( lab).

There were serveral things I did not expect starting the program ( how much I would learn in the first semester, how much money I would spend, and how much time was needed). I learned much more than I expected in the 1st semester. My teachers/ assistant teachers were great and very pactient ensuring our success. Also I never expected to be making so many purchases out of pocket. Starting this program I never knew how much money would be needed in order to be successful in the program. They are trying their best to work with us and give us information on how and where to get things at a more affortable price. However, it would be very nice if they were able to supply us with more supplies like photo paper. Even through the fincincial obligation is more then I expected, the program is really great and I feel it is worth the  invetsment. Time Time Time Time!!!  I knew that with most educational program you much invest time; however,  the time needed was more than I expected. I remember the first day of class when one of the upper class students stated that if you have a job even a part time job successfullly  completing this program will be very difficult. And boy was she right; however, were there is a will there is a way and I’m doing it. Step by step day by day; however, if I was able to free up my time by stop working I would. I have alot on my plate but I’m determined to succeed.

Here are some of my final projects from 1st Semester….

Topic: Snellville Ruins

The Barn House

The Vase

The Carriage Wheel

The Barn House Window

The Ambassador of the Spiritual Realm


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