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The Large Format 4×5 View Camera!!!

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Wow!!! In my Camera Technique II class we are using the 4×5 View Camera the whole semester. The Large Format View Camera is a intersesting camera that is said to be very excellent for shooting buildings and landscapes; however, it takes a lot of patience . After my first assignment I said if we were still using this as our primary way to photograph, I probably would not be a photography. All I can say is that my first impression is that I’m praying I get through this class with a good grade because using the view camera has some challenges. Its heavy to carry and  you must reassemble and disassemble it every time you use it.  Also not knowing if your photo is good until it is developed does not make it any easier. I’m hoping that I really learn something great from this experience that makes me a better photographer because it is surely giving me enough stress. Time is so limited and using the view camera, developing, and processing film takes so much time. Right now it feels like it is not enough time in the day, however, I’m trying my best to make use of my time wisely. I know this is the only way I will be able to complete everything. I’m believing for the BEST outcome because I KNOW We can do all things through Christ which strengthens me!!!  And don’t  you forget that too!!! Staying Strong-  Za’ Mo!

So, here are some photos VIEW CAMERA “FUN” with my Group in my Gwinnett Technical College Camera Technique II class!!!



Here is a Youtube Video if your interested in more information about Large Format 4×5 View Camera! Enjoy!

Why would you want to use a Large Format Camera?


My First Multimedia Editing Assignment!!!

I’m so excited! I just completed my first Multimedia editing assignment using Final Cut Pro X. I’m very grateful that the Commercial Photography Program at Gwinnett Technical College offer Multimedia in our curriculum. This will be very useful for my career. Our class shot a quick tutorial putting together a 7D Canon Camera shooting with a Canon 5D Mark II. We each had to edit the footage on our own as our in class assignment. Then we had to create a Youtube Channel and upload the video on youtube. So time was limited but I completed it. It is cool to watch the final product! The world of Multimedia HERE I COME!!!!

I Come to YOU!!!

This song, “I come to you” is moving my spirit in ways it has never did before Whitney Houston’s death. I think GOD for whatever He is doing in the spirit. It is time for us to lay aside every weight and everything that keeps us from GOD and COME TO HIM NOW!!! Wholeheartedly, trusting in His every plan for our life. Resting in His arms as He carries us to purpose and destiny…. God is calling for the hearts of the people, all people. When you hear His voice hard not your heart!!! Come one, Come ALL!!!

I pray this video touch your  heart the way it has touched mine! Walk in your BLESSING!- Za’Mo

“I look to you” R.I.P. Whitney Houston’s Funeral R. Kelly Kim Burrell Alicia Keys

Morning Worship Keeping ME Going: Whitney Houston “I Come To You”

It’s amazing how much this song “I Come to You” has moved me for the past two days. I never felt to much from this song when I heard it when Whitney Houston was still alive and now that she has pass this song has such a stronger meaning. The spirit  and anointing on it is much stronger in her death. We can all agree that Whitney Houston has gone too soon; however, God allows things to happen for many reason unknown to us but we must trust His plan and know that “all things work out for the GOOD of  those that love the Lord and is called according to His purpose.” So if everything is true that the ones that were the closest to Whitney Houston is saying about her heart and faith, ALL IS WELL and her death is not a tragedy but GOD’s plan being fulfilled according to His purpose. I pray this song bless your soul like it has mine…


Keeping Me Going: Damita Haddon- “No Looking Back”

Noooooooo Looking Back!!!! To many times we allow things, thought, people to cause us to look back but this is not the season nor the time to look back. What is before us is greater then our past! What is of the old can’t not hold you or keep you in this time. Only what is new and fresh will bring you what you are looking for. What was good in the past is no longer of any use. So tap into the spirit, Be lead by GOD in everything, Be obedient to His Will, and don’t look back. THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!!! Know your latter will be better than your past!!!!