I Come to YOU!!!

This song, “I come to you” is moving my spirit in ways it has never did before Whitney Houston’s death. I think GOD for whatever He is doing in the spirit. It is time for us to lay aside every weight and everything that keeps us from GOD and COME TO HIM NOW!!! Wholeheartedly, trusting in His every plan for our life. Resting in His arms as He carries us to purpose and destiny…. God is calling for the hearts of the people, all people. When you hear His voice hard not your heart!!! Come one, Come ALL!!!

I pray this video touch your  heart the way it has touched mine! Walk in your BLESSING!- Za’Mo

“I look to you” R.I.P. Whitney Houston’s Funeral R. Kelly Kim Burrell Alicia Keys


2 thoughts on “I Come to YOU!!!

  1. This was one of the most moving moments of this funeral, it is special that this song became beautiful to me after her passing. GOD knows everything. By the way love your post. So inspirational!

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