The Large Format 4×5 View Camera!!!

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Wow!!! In my Camera Technique II class we are using the 4×5 View Camera the whole semester. The Large Format View Camera is a intersesting camera that is said to be very excellent for shooting buildings and landscapes; however, it takes a lot of patience . After my first assignment I said if we were still using this as our primary way to photograph, I probably would not be a photography. All I can say is that my first impression is that I’m praying I get through this class with a good grade because using the view camera has some challenges. Its heavy to carry and  you must reassemble and disassemble it every time you use it.  Also not knowing if your photo is good until it is developed does not make it any easier. I’m hoping that I really learn something great from this experience that makes me a better photographer because it is surely giving me enough stress. Time is so limited and using the view camera, developing, and processing film takes so much time. Right now it feels like it is not enough time in the day, however, I’m trying my best to make use of my time wisely. I know this is the only way I will be able to complete everything. I’m believing for the BEST outcome because I KNOW We can do all things through Christ which strengthens me!!!  And don’t  you forget that too!!! Staying Strong-  Za’ Mo!

So, here are some photos VIEW CAMERA “FUN” with my Group in my Gwinnett Technical College Camera Technique II class!!!



Here is a Youtube Video if your interested in more information about Large Format 4×5 View Camera! Enjoy!

Why would you want to use a Large Format Camera?


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