New Assignment- Infrared Photography!

Another interesting assignment, Infrared Photography! There several ways you can take an infrared photo. In this assignment I will be using a infrared filter  Rm 90 using Canon 7d. The RM90 filter cuts out all visible light, and even some near-IR. Its a VERY strong filter (very dark).  So lets see how this comes out. I probably would have purchased R72 filter if I read this information prior to purchasing it. The R72 and RM90 are infrared filters used with digital or film cameras. Infrared filters are used in crime scene photography, medical photography and landscape photography. Because these filters block part of the light spectrum, infrared photographs do not have as sharp a resolution as regular photographs but have special effects: the daytime sky appears black, trees and plants appear white, and clouds are more vivid.

Check back in for update. Below is some information I research….

Read more:

Difference Between an R72 & an RM90 Filter | 

Infrared Photography with a Digital Camera

Digital Infrared- Hoya R72 vs RM90


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