4×5 Large Format View Camera Assignment

Table Top Assignment

  • Sketch Five (5) Thumbnails of different subjects
  • Get Thumbnails approved
  • Bring all materials for set-up:  subject, props, background
  • Any or all movements may be used
  • Lowell Lights introduced as light source
  • I also used a Diffuser and Reflector
Subject: Albums

My Table Top Thumbnail that was chosen was "Albums". This is the final product- shot with 4x5 Large Format View Camera.

This is not a easy class…..When you take a photo you pray that it comes out good.You see I did not say GREAT because if its good you are happy. Its very hard not being able to see image when you take a photo.The process is much longer and very frustrating. We are really spoiled with our wonderful DSLR DIGITAL CAMERA. I don’t mind being spoiled. SPOIL ME BABY!!! Lets see what grade I get!!!!!!


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