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Final Multimedia Project- Intervened: The Journey Out Of Darkness

My Final Project for my Multimedia I Class at Gwinnett Tech! This is my favorite project of the semester. I enjoyed working with the production team to create this piece that has touched my heart over and over again! I’m most thankful to God and the people that were willing to share their darkest moments with us and the world.

Over 24 million people suffer with depression every day. Sixty percent of all suicide victims suffer from depression. Those who survive depression and suicide attempts owe their life to an interventionist. Intervened: The Journey Out Of Darkness is a documentary that chronicles Kimberlee Faith’s journey through depression which led to her suicide and resurrection.

Our plan for the documentary was to interview several different people telling their story of their journey from darkness to light and to choose the most powerful story to use in the documentary. We chose to use a black background to represent the darkness with simple lighting to keep the focus on the story. We used melodramatic instrumental music throughout the film to strengthen the connection of the viewer to the emotion of the documentary. We used jump cuts throughout the documentary to emphasize Kimberlee’s frazzled emotions and the brokeness she felt as she was surviving the traumatic events in her life. We chose to use B-roll that demonstrated some of the events that were described in the interview to give the viewer a visual of what Kimberlee has gone through hoping to draw the viewer deeper into her story. We used statistics about suicide and depression to alarm the viewer about the seriousness of the topic.

We began the documentary with a montage of five people explaining their interpretation of darkness to show the many views of what darkness is; although we based the documentary on one person’s view of darkness the montage is used to show that manypeople deal with this issue. We decided to start her story with the events that caused her depression and led to her suicide and conclude it with her miraculous recovery.

Special Thanks

Leslee Hope Haynes
Keri Garland
Kimberlee Faith Haynes
Marjorie Cidey
Curtis Garland
Eva Bellamy
Miko Cannon-Deale


Say NO to Amateur Videos

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Created a Poster using Photoshop!!!

This is a Poster I created using Photoshop CS5 and images from Google! I’m not finish yet but here is a sneak preveiw! The WORLD of Creativity is so COOL & FUN! Let’s Create!!!!!