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Paranormal Phenomenon

October is the month that people celebrate halloween, on the first day of this month I was taking pictures on the MARTA and captured this figure in the rain through the window. As you go out and celebrate halloween be aware of what’s out there, there is alot our natural eyes cannot see.


Power (Silent Film Assignment)

The power of the name of JESUS is so beyond what our natural mind can really conceive. The enemy knows this power and for this reason he used the people of the old to seek the death of JESUS. But Satan did not know that this was all apart of GOD’s greater plan. Through JESUS’ death there would be a resurrection and transference of power. All the believers had to do is call on His Name, that GREAT NAME. JESUS!…We present to you “POWER”
(Music by Mali Music “The Name”)

Pet Portrait Assignment

Pet Portrait Assignment

This is the photograph I selected to submit as the final photo for my pet portrait assignment…I received an A and it was one of the few portraits chosen to go on the wall in my classroom!!!

Rocky: My Hamster, My Friend

This is my first pet portrait shoot for my pet portrait assignment. It was a very interesting experience trying to keep “Rocky” the hamster in the tiny treasure chest inside the basket, he constantly jumped out of the basket. I am pleased with the final outcome of the pictures.